Friday, December 23, 2011

RTI ---a lovely three letter word (I'll consider adding another to make it 4)

What does RTI stand for? Possibilities to consider.....
  1. Retarded Teaching Innovations
  2. Retired Turd Initiatives
  3. Response To Ignorance
  4. Reckless Time Indulgence
  5. Rejecting True Intuition
  6. Reducing Teachers Initiative
  7. Really Tough Instruction
  8. Really Tired Instruction-Ha!Ha!
  9. Recreating Traditional Inexperience
  10. Relinquishing Teachers Individualism

I get it. Not everyone knows how to differentiate. OK, it's true. However, many of us do it everyday, and do it well. Yet, we must fit into our cookie cutter program, so that we shall all be equal....but we aren't....and everyone knows it. How can we inspire the struggling without stifling the strong? (teachers that is).....

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